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    COVID-19 Oral Antiviral Treatments

    The FDA authorized the use of two oral (pill) medications for mild-to-moderate cases of COVID-19: 


    • Pfizer’s Paxlovid

      • Available to individuals 12+ within 5 days of testing positive who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19, including hospitalization or death

    • Merck’s  Molnupiravir

      • Available to individuals 18+ within 5 days of testing positive who are at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19, including hospitalization or death


    The treatment MUST be prescribed by a physician, nurse practitioner, advanced practice registered nurses or physician assistants. Rite Aid pharmacists cannot prescribe either of these medications; please get tested and, if positive, talk to your doctor. 


    Neither of these treatments are substitutions for the protection provided by COVID-19 vaccines, but can help reduce severe disease and hospitalization. These medications cannot be used for pre-exposure or post-exposure prophylaxis for prevention of COVID-19.


    Supply will be limited during the initial weeks and while Rite Aid is proud to add these to the options available in the fight against this pandemic, we will only have limited quantities in a small, select number of stores and states. If your Rite Aid is not carrying the medications or has run out, we recommend you contact your local Department of Public Health to find out where supply may be in stock. 


    Rite Aid’s inventory will be distributed based on the agreements made with local state jurisdictions and will not be available in all stores. As soon as we have inventory and have identified where these treatments will be available, we will update this page with more information. At this time we expect to get limited inventory in select stores in CA, WA, VA, PA, NY, possibly NH and MD and are not expecting to receive any inventory in OR, ID, MI, OH, MA, NJ, VT, CT, DE or NV.


    Prescription Pickup


    In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, for customers filling either of these prescriptions at Rite Aid, we encourage you to take advantage of our drive-thru window to pick up your prescription. If you are unable to pick up the medication yourself, the next best option is to send a negative-covid-tested member of your family to pick up the prescription on your behalf. Our pharmacies have delivery options available as well.


    In the meantime, please continue to practice measures to keep you safe from COVID-19; get vaccinated and boosted, wear your mask and practice social distancing.